rapsomanikis glass - switchable glass

Switchable glass

Switchale glass is a laminate glass panel which contains glass and a film  (based on LCD technology) in one of the glass surface that with the power of electric current is able to change the visual appearance from being clear (transparent) to frost (translucent). When the switch power is ON, the

rapsomanikis glass - ceramic glass for fireplaces and stoves

Ceramic glass for fireplaces and stoves

ROBAX® glass-ceramic is extremely heat resistant, sturdy, and displays very low thermal expansion. For a short time the panels even withstand extreme temperatures of up to 760 C°, as well as considerable shifts in temperature and thermal shocks. Precisely such features as temperature

rapsomanikis glass - digital printing

Digital printing

Digital printing is a method of printing directly onto the glass with ceramic ink (no adhesive is used). Can be applied to kitchen splashbacks (instead of tiles), mirrors, glass, partitions, doors and all kinds of flat glass. There is possibility of  printing  any design you

rapsomanikis glass - anti-corrosion shower glass

Anti-corrosion shower glass

SGG TIMELESS is an anti-corrosion shower glass designed for shower screens, shower enclosures and bath screens. ADVANTAGES High degree of transparency and neutral appearance SGG Timeless consists of a very clear glass, SGG Planiclear, to which a virtually invisible coating is applied. It


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